I'm focusing on one cakePHP application. Now i wish to configure my primary domain (www.example.com) to become accesses via 'www.abc.com' or 'www.bcd.com'. With this i'll add the CName record within the 'www.abc.com' or 'www.bcd.com' as 'www.example.com' then xys.com &lifier bcd.com points towards the example.com.

However around the abc.com &lifier bcd.com i can tell this content of example.com, but whenever i click any link it provides me with 'URL NOT FOUND' Error.

And so i attempted plenty of .htaccess rules but it's no longer working.

It is comparable to the writers custom domain pointing. I want exactly the same factor to become requested my application.

Can anybody attempted this before?

This is not entirely an .htaccess problem - you have to first edit the server title inside your web servers configuration file for everyone not just example.com, but additionally demands arriving from abc.com and bcd.com.