I lately downloaded cakephp-1.3.4. I place it on my web server. I adopted the advanced installation configurations. My folder structure is the following.






The /htdoc folder may be the webroot cakephp resides within the common folder.

I've set up the pathways in index.php to suggest for this folder structure. I've the application ready to go. I produced a layout, the application has selected up (together with all of the css and pictures - everything works).

I produced a posts_controller.php in cakephp/application/remotes/. Now after i attempt to access the next page: http://localhost/posts. I recieve a note the controller can't be found which I ought to produce a application/remotes/posts_controller.php (it already is available!).

Also the strange factor is applying the default pages_controller works. I produced an about.ctp and dropped it in application/sights/pages/about.ctp. Vising http://localhost/pages/about turns up not surprisingly.


Mike assisted me solve this issue (begin to see the lengthy comment thread below). The issue was I'd set relative pathways for my ROOT folder. This screwed some misconception. The answer would be to either directly set an absolute path or call realpath together with your relative path for this to become resolved in to the right absolute path.

Make certain your controller class is known as properly (ought to be PostsController) and gets from AppController (not strictly necessary but sound practice).