I initially installed my cakephp inside a subfolder of my localhost folder (so in linux my localhost is placed to:


and that i installed cakephp to:


I used to be utilizing it only at that address, so: http://localhost/site1

But now i'm putting up like a live site and that i designed a virtual server with apache now it goes straight to the /site1 folder:


Now I am unable to access my cakephp site, still it appears to consider it ought to be within the "site1" folder, I do not recall doing anything initially to inform so that it is within the /site1 folder, for example setting anything, however it was not long ago and that i can't remember exactly.. I'm considering this and also the places it's explained to appear to date where this data may be situated isn't showing anything showing the subfolder.. I'd greatly appreciate if anybody has applying for grants how to proceed.


Check to make certain the .htaccess files happen to be replicated in to the right folders. Should you haven't replicated them, check they're there anyway.

Check over your app/config/core.php and app/config/routes.php to actually haven't any path specific things inside.

Look at your Apache vhost config to make sure that the document root is pointing towards the folder you installed cake in. For example /site and never to site1/app/webroot or anything like this.

Afterthought, Look at your Apache config to actually are permitting local htaccess to override configurations. As well as make certain that mod_rewrite is enabled in your server.

Also make sure to check within the full installation instructions, as there can be a small factor that you have skipped that could lead for your problem. http://book.cakephp.org/view/907/Developing-with-CakePHP