I am searching for a great article/resource about calculating the expense of the clouding system hosting, ideas?

Among the finest to see others encounters and steer clear of errors by myself...

There's something that computes the cloud hosting prices from multiple companies - cloudorado.com . It's not articles but ought to be useful within the context you request.

Every provider is a touch different, however in general you are able to rely on having to pay for:

  • CPU hrs
  • RAM hrs
  • Disk storage hrs
  • In/Out bandwidth

Of those, the only person that may be hard to estimate is bandwidth. It's - generally - also minimal costly so attempt to pick big enough figures that you simply will not be amazed. Also bear in mind that many companies don't charge for CPU and RAM as the instance is switched off, however, many do charge a minimum of some nominal fee for storage regardless. The reason being despite the fact that the instance is not running, the information must continue being endured and supported.

This can be a really informative sheet from the have-it-your-way PaaS http://world wide web.standingcloud.com/upgrades