Newbie here, looking to get this to operate: I'm making a web-based index for any library. I'm using php and mySQL that we am running with an apache server. I've produced a category known as book which consists of details about each book, along with a static class known as DBFunctions which consists of only static functions which i call for connecting and communicate with the database. I am attempting to call a function in the DBFunctions class from the Book class however i keep getting a mistake. My function inside the book class is:

function setTagIDs(){
   this->TagIDs = DbFunctions::getTagIdsForBook($this->BookID);

the dbFunction produces a choose statement connects towards the database and returns the end result. It really works fine on the test page.

However when I refer to it as from inside the category I recieve the next error:

Parse error: syntax error, unpredicted T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in ClassesClassBook.php online 111

I have looked in a number of places however i can't evaluate which the issue is, any help could be much appreciated



You're simply missing a $ on this:

  $this->TagIDs = DbFunctions::getTagIdsForBook($this->BookID);

unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR signifies a -> was experienced before it will happen to be there. To interpret the mistake, discover the first -> and appear backwards.