I discovered myself inside a problem. My primary webapp is designed in asp.internet and that i use mono+apache2 to host it. When hosting files when utilizing mono the mime will get messed up so i'll have to do this in php or any other language. However theres some logic needed to obtain the path from the file. Theres quiet a couple of getting away and filters that experiences.

What is a quick method to call C# code from another language? the mono process is going to be running on a single box and so i figure i might have the ability to send a note and also have it send one back or react to it instead of starting a professional and reading through the stdout (i heard starting a procedure is costly and that's why it is not smart to generate html with an exe)

Anyways, this area is debian (lenny i believe) with perl, python and php available.

Two options, there might be more.

  1. Beginning a procedure is costly on Home windows. On linux, this price is very mitigated which is a possible option here. This really is btw. what's meant using the "pipe" comment. You "pipe" the output in the exe to your PHP page

  2. Use HTTP. Should you only use PHP to "fix" problems, you are able to still retrieve this content via HTTP in the apache server internally after which convert it using PHP. The PHP site will just become some type of proxy.