im working in a domain check script it really works fine after i call ajax on keyup but automatically the dropdown has got the .com let's say the consumer selects a website that's already taken, how do i understand this script to complete another check once the customers switch from .com to .internet or .org?

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1. Transitional//EN" "http://world wide">

<html xmlns="http://world wide">


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html charset=utf-8" />

<title>Untitled Document</title>

<script type='text/JavaScript'>

$(document).ready(function () monosodium glutamate)



            , 3500)

            this.lastValue = this.value







    <form action="" method="publish">


                <legend>choose your domain</legend>


                  <span class="httpFont">http://world wide web.</span>

                  <input type="text" title="domain" value="" id="domain" autocomplete="off" />

                  <select id="tld" title="tld">

                     <option selected="selected" value="com">.com</option>

                     <option value="internet">.internet</option>

                     <option value="org">.org</option>

                  </choose>&nbsp<span id="validateUsername"></span>



           <input type="hidden" title="action" value="register" />

           <div class="submit">

           <input type="submit" alt="Submit button">




Something similar to this:

$('select[title="tld"]').change(function() )

That will obviously duplicate your code, so I would suggest wrapping it in the function.

thank you for replaying, i wrapped it right into a function and delay pills work before the second request

for instance default .com i switch to .internet it doesn't work and also the i switch to .org after which it begins to operate. also im loggin all sign in mysql and it is creating duplicate records

Untitled Document

$(document).ready(function () monosodium glutamate) ) , 3500) this.lastValue = this.value ) ) function checkDom()title="tld"]').change(function() title="domain"]').val() var tld = $('select[title="tld"]').val() validateUsername.removeClass('error').html('checking...') $.ajax(monosodium glutamate) ) )

choose your domain http://world wide web.
.com .internet .org