I'm new to everything about internet marketing and know next to nothing about developing Expensive.

I operate a WordPress website for any local magazine, plus they lately acquired an marketer who would like to advertise with Expensive on our website. (All advertisements until recently happen to be images, animated or else, that we encircled having a hyperlink.) I believed that showing the Expensive ad was as easy as embedding the <object> HTML that recommended the .swf file, but even though ad would load, hitting it created no result. I approached the marketer to inform them their link wasn't working, however they requested what our 'clicktag' needs were. Confused, Used to do some Searching, and learned exactly what a clicktag is.

After an hour or so approximately of researching on the internet, Wikipedia, and StackOverflow, I am a little unclear about what I have to established to present this ad. Presuming the marketer built their SWF correctly (which, since I have built them into check it, I suppose they did), could it be simply dependent on showing the ad with an ad server that supports clicktag? Or it is possible to method of showing it with no ad server?

We don't come with an an advertisement server, and also the second real question is: when we need one, which ad network will be a good fit for all of us? (Our website is comparatively small — no more than 200 visits each day).

For the way you embed your swf, passing a Hyperlink to it's easy:

<param name="movie" value="MYSWF.swf?clickTag=MYURL" />

The thing is? Just append ?clickTag= as well as your URL and you ought to be all set.

If you want more in depth information please publish your full embed code.

There is a good explanation at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clicktag Essentially your marketer is asking what parameter you are delivering that consists of the URL.