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Hosting two sites within single Joomla cms

I've produced one website using single installing of Joomla . I wish to create yet another website. Can you really create a lot more than 1 website ? If that's the case how is it feasible ?

Joomla wasn't designed for multi-site management you should setup another Joomla inside a second folder to possess a second website handled by joomla or obtain another hosting plan (but that is dependent on which clients are hosting your website, if it's dreamhost for instance, then its alot simpler) for holding 2 websites with various content.

I simply occur to notice this is really a possible duplicate of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2424084/hosting-two-sites-within-single-joomla-cms

You will find some components available which will provide multisite support for example http://www.jms2win.com/