I am running PHP under Apache and Let me send a sluggish trickle of Publish data towards the page which will write messages right into a database because the Publish data arrives. I am delivering the information from the .Internet application using WebRequest and I have set SendChunked to true.

Regrettably, it appears such as the PHP script does not start performing until all of the Publish data has showed up. I looked within the apache log, and that i observe that the request begins immediately, but echo strftime(...) claims within the PHP script reveal that it is not running until in the end the Publish data was received.

Can there be in whatever way to inform PHP to begin immediately? I attempted setting always_populate_raw_post_data = Off within the PHP.ini file, but that did not make a difference. My request includes a content kind of application/octet-stream, and $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA continues to be filled with the Publish data.

This can be done while using HTTP PUT method, although not with Publish.

Once the client uses the PUT verb the information is streamed directly into PHP. It may be utilized with the php:://input stream byte by byte because it is sent in the client.