I am going to start creating a product (insInternet), and I am evaluating free database engines to be able to avoid adding certification costs to the total cost of my product.

Which of them are you aware which are potent? Is MySQL a great alternative? What type of website load will it support?

Have you got any experience utilizing an free database in tangible existence projects?

Or will i simply need to use Oracle or SQL Server to build up a strong product?

MySQL is a good example for Flickr, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google, and YouTube for doing things (states Wiki) - I'd say both serve more load than you are prone to achieve. In my opinion WordPress.com - 4 million+ blogs (stats), including CNN, Time, etc. blogs - also uses MySQL.

Oracle/MSSQL are certainly not needed to build up a strong product.

This wikipedia link should help, it compares the majority of the large relational databases. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_relational_database_management_systems Mysql should work fine presuming you are writing your code correctly, it's what wikipedia operates on so should support just about all programs if set up correctly and operate on adequate hardware/clustering configurations.

This can be a tough question to reply to. The character of the application the character and the amount of your database interactions. I'm able to state that both MySQL and PostgreSQL will act as well every DBMS in many situations.

MySQL isn't as low as you believe.

The large orgs which use MySQL spend considerable assets on keeping it running and frequently need to develop their very own extensions. There has been several recent articles from MySQL associates concerning the low quality of the product. I have been a person of MySQL for quite some time and the standard of releases required a precipitous drop after alternation in possession to SUNW.

I recognize that MySQL could be enhanced making to operate well, but I am not really a dba and can't afford to possess a dba on all my projects. I've several very complicated queries that sometimes make the system to exhaust memory. I'm presently along the way of moving my systems to SQL Server Express. The exam queries run considerably faster on SQL Server Express compared to what they do on MySQL. If you're not so strong in databases and want a strong and fast system, I wouldn't use MySQL. SQL Server Express is created more for designers with center of the road understanding of databases. They have automated and gratifaction updated several things that you would need to do by hand on MySQL.

However, if you're very confident with databases, you might want to consider PostgresSQL. It's free. It is not as easy to use as MySQL, but from the general understanding, it's more effective plus much more stable.

main point here - MySQL was once a great choice, but consider SQL Server Express and PostgresSQL as better current options.


listed here are a couple of from the references. there have been 2 other very scathing ones - however i got them from reddit.


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MySql ought to be fine to your requirements...

it really works for numerous of companies.
Note additionally that it's plenty of support, designers who understand it, it's still in developments, etc. Your search is over.