I wish to use WordPress for my own website, however it is not likely to be structured just like a blog. Can someone assist me to having a couple of concerns I've before I recieve too deep in it?

  1. I would like it to possess a primary page, along with a hierarchy of content pages. Can One result in the default page be considered a webpage, and never a large chronological report on posts?

  2. I observe that the DotNetNuke Content management systems has generated-in support for auto producing your menus in line with the pages you create. Does WordPress have anything such as this?

  3. Can One result in the blog publish section show up inside a sub-directory like mysite.com/blogposts?

  4. Can there be anything about WordPress that causes it to be an apparent bad option for an over-all purpose website? Is there extensibility for thinks like shopping buggies or whatever just in case I wish to add them later on? Among the finest to make certain I'm not doing something stupid by selecting a blogging software for any general purpose website with future needs that are not yet known.

  5. Sean

  1. Yes, current versions of Wordpress support assigning a content page because the webpage.

  2. Yes, Wordpress will generate some nested lists that represent your articles pages it might be the task from the theme to create this into a suitable menu (and many styles don't).

  3. You are able to setup your permalink structure to get this done, yes.

  4. Wordpress is a great choice up to and including point for a lot of types of internet sites, but when you need to integrate having a shopping cart software or any other complex application, I'd suggest searching at Drupal rather. Wordpress's developer ecosystem is mainly setup around stretching its existing abilities (blogging and content management) this is not on adding other unrelated functionality. Drupal is a lot more of the general-purpose framework for just about any type of application or site.

I have setup Wordpress for many non-blogs without problem.

  1. Yes, you may create a static Page in Wordpress and hang it as being the default page. Find out more about Wordpress Pages here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages
  2. Yes, you will get menus of Pages, both flat and hierarchal. Most styles includes a webpage sidebar which will show Pages you've produced. You are able to obviously code and elegance your personal the way you like. For instance, this little bit of php will take out the very best level Pages inside your hierarchy and generate html for a number of <li> elements:

  3. Yes, you could have your blog section show up like a subdirectory.

  4. Wordpress is really a fine option for an over-all purpose personal as well as small company website. It takes only some effort to transform your personal custom layout right into a Wordpress Theme, or select from 1000's of ready to use Styles. You are able to perform a lot using the base install, and it is always being up-to-date. Plug ins and Icons riding time a variety of new functionality to Wordpress effortlessly. If everything else fails, you could write your additions own after some effort.

Nevertheless, Wordpress is mainly blogging software. It's some decent Content management systems features, nevertheless its not the core focus. Discover likely to inflict actual blogging, Drupal is really a solid option.

I am not really a heavy user of WordPress but my feeling for this is it is mainly a blogging tool. It may sound like you'll need a full Content management systems. I'd take a look at Drupal (as PSU_Kardi indicates) or Joomla. Have built-in support for or add-ons for blogs, e-Commerce, ...

2: Multi-level navigation wordpress plugin: http://pixopoint.com/multi-level-navigation/

4: Some e-commerce plug ins: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=e-commerce