This really is Common interview question i faced one interview where he provided one table and requested me let me know this table is within which normal form ? if it is in ##NF then stabilized it in ##NF ??

I am always get confused between this normal types of database and anybody explain me this normal form with proper example how each NF is model into table so it can help during my next interview ??

This really is great read which should cover the thing you need.

I possibly could copy paste the entire factor as my answer however the link has all that's necessary including table good examples


Boyce Codd Normal Form is usually the most significant as well as the simplest to describe: Every non-trvial determinant is really a superkey (keep in mind "Arrows from superkeys"). The lesser normal forms are just worth mentioning because BCNF isn't dependency-protecting inside a couple of cases.

Good examples of BCNF and 5NF: kingdom/~hugh/CS252/RDB-basic principles-9-design-II.pdf

For additional mathematical definitions:

It is best to start here and browse about all the pointed out subjects:

It requires a little of your time to translate the terms using the concepts, but when you're worth your salt like a database designer, it will not take lengthy.