What's storing and what's indexing a area if this involves searching? Particularly I'm speaking about MySQL or SOLR.

Can there be any thorough article relating to this, I've made some searches without luck!


Storing information inside a database means writing the data to some file.

Indexing a database involves searching in the data inside a table and creating an 'index' that is then used to carry out a more effective research within the table when you wish to retreive the saved data.

From Wikipedia:

A database index is really a data structure that enhances the rate of information retrieval procedures on the database table at the expense of reduced creates and elevated space for storage. Indexes could be produced using a number of posts of the database table, supplying the foundation for rapid random lookups and efficient access of purchased records. The disk space needed to keep the index is usually under that needed through the table (since indexes usually contain just the key-fields based on that the table will be arranged, and excludes the rest of the particulars within the table), yielding the chance to keep indexes in memory for any table whose information is too big to keep in memory.

Storing is simply putting data within the tables.

Storing information is just storing data somewhere so that you can retrieve it later. Where indexing is available in is locating areas of the information effectively. Wikipedia describes the concept very well.

Storing versus. indexing is really a SOLR's concept.

In SOLR, a stored area can't be looked for or sorted on. It may be retrieved consequently from the query which includes a explore an indexed area.

In MySQL, on contrary, searching and sort on unindexed fields too: this is just reduced, but nonetheless possible (unlike SOLR)

storing is simply that saving the information towards the disk (or whatever) to ensure that the database can retrieve it later when needed.

indexing means creating some separate data structure to optimize the place and retrieval of this data inside a faster way than reading through the whole database (or even the entire table) and searching each and every and everyt record before the database searching formula finds that which you requested it for... Generally databases use what's known as a well-balanced-Tree indices, that is extra time of the idea of a Binary-Tree. Lookup Binary Tree on the internetOrwikipedia to obtain a more indepth knowledge of the salt water evaporates...


L1. This
L2. Is
L3. My Data

And also the index is

This -> L1
Is -> L2
My -> L3
Data -> L3

The informationOrcatalog example holds for books too.