I am doing infrequent development with Apache/PHP on my small Home windows machine so I have elected to operate apache like a console process rather than something. It might be nice if errors might be drenched towards the console window rather than a logfile in order to discover their whereabouts immediately. Is this done in some way? It does not appear that apache has this type of capacity built-in and that i aren't able to find a mod that will do that either.

Yes it may.

Edit your httpd.conf file to pipe the creation of the mistake log for your console window with this particular directive:

ErrorLog "|more"

I am unsure if apache enables you to do this, but perhaps you have attempted using:

tail -f /the/apache/logfile.log ?

Which should allow you to watch the sign in realtime (presuming you are not loading it or anything)

EDIT: As this is a home windows machine, exactly the same factor can be achieved using TextPad (simply have it to auto-reload the log file on change). It'll function just like tail