So I've got a custom proxy that's designed in ruby using mongrel to deal with some fairly complex caching logic. This is effective for http and ftp demands, however since mongrel isn't made to handle https demands, If only to front the entire factor with apache and take advantage from the ProxyRemote command to feed to mongrel for https demands.

This kind of factor is definitely accomplished to reflect certain site directory structures through the ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse instructions in apache, however i aren't seeing a method to do that using ProxyRemote.

However , mongrel doesn't handle CONNECT demands which are created to begin a secure request. So while I can handle https demands inside the proxy itself, really while using proxy by having an https request directly isn't supported.

It appears the easiest solution is always to have apache handle the https request after which simply pass the http request itself (without the CONNECT) to mongrel and also have it handle it properly and give it back to apache after which towards the client.

So my real question is, It is possible to method to make ProxyRemote work exactly as ProxyPass does with HTTP demands (i.e. pass an unencrypted request to mongrel)?

Only use ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse, the bond involving the reverse proxy (apache) as well as your mongrel might find normal plain http :), no miracle necessary (especially not CONNECT, afaik thats only possbile for forward proxies, but I am unsure).

Hum, perhaps you have attempted to do this ?

I have used apache to complete the https and merely pass the demands using the old default .htaccess mod_rewrite rules.