This may seem just like a silly question, but yesterday none in our sites would load. After getting in touch with the webhost they stated that

In cases like this, it appears that your internet site is hanging awaiting an answer from an exterior component / website (searching at the code, I see references to Facebook, Google an internet-based applications instantly).

We have didn't have this issue before and also the sites have used the social plug ins for several weeks and so i wondered if anybody else experienced this issue yesterday?


Not understanding the particulars, I will tell you that after you load Javascript via <script></script> tags the browser waits for that request to complete before moving forward. So, should you load JS files within the <head></mind> section, there is little render on-screen until they load effectively. 404s here will kill you, as will slow connections.

For those who have in-line JS, it is best to place it in the very bottom of the <body></body> section to ensure that it doesn't interrupt browser rendering. Do that for JS files inside your <head></mind> section in case your code architecture enables it.

Only a random stab at nighttime however i question if the was related by any means towards the anonymous risks on Facebook. I've experienced similar issues before having a twitter wordpress plugin, it might take a couple of seconds for that wordpress plugin to ping back the tweets and also the relaxation from the page was hanging while twitter was doing their factor.

To make sure this does not happen again you can call your social plugin's on-page load if it is a viable solution. In the finish during the day would you like your page load time for you to rely on other services outdoors of the control or otherwise?

edit: @Jason McClellan 's response is just right. In my opinion the combo of out solutions straighten out your question. I Never include script within the mind basically don't control the resource! That may indefinitely hang your page.

edit2: Have no idea why I am reducing ranked with this answer only agreed to be attempting to relate it for an connection with mine. I am not very familiar with Facebook plug ins however when I had been realizing an problem with my twitter wordpress plugin, Used to do precisely what @Jason McClellan has stated together with his response to make certain that your html will get made prior to the scripts are even asked for, then made certain the page could display properly without or with the twitter content therefore the consumer experience wasn't based upon an exterior resource. The twitter wordpress plugin I had been using had an initiation function that we needed to call to fireplace in the script. The easiest method to call this is with:

    <body onload='init()'>

for those who have another script you're loading using the page you could utilize something like

    window.onload = function() 

from inside your exterior script.

Sorry I can not give a solution specific towards the Facebook wordpress plugin. Maybe someone with increased experience of the Facebook plug ins could elaborate within the comments :D

edit3: also this community based tool indicates that quiet a couple of people where seeing a little of facebook down time whenever you experienced it - Facebook status at DownRightNow

edit4: I do not have the "Privelages" to discuss Jason's q as im pretty new here ... however in response to your comment there, the stuff within the mind that you simply describe is exactly what loads within the schema for facebook mark-up language (fbml) , so a mark-up language like html, but targeted up to work with the facebook api. To help you do things like:

    <fb:comments xid="leaders_comments" canpost="true" candelete="false" returnurl="">

    <fb:title>Talk concerning the Leaders</facebook:title>


To wack some comments directly into your page - fbml designers guide

Your comment there also indicates you aren't together with a script for the page to load therefore it renders our previous solutions less important, you have to range from the fbml stuff within the mind prior to using fbml inside your page so don't move it :D

but @jason McClellan's response is something which everybody must do on the project (unless of course there's grounds to not) because it enables for that user to determine something prior to the browser fires off demands for that scripts. In the finish during the day we are within this game to create pretty stuff for the customers!

Best of luck