I'm a template designer and I wish to create one wordpress with all of generic posts, but I'd rather not need to keep signing in and copy &lifier pasteing exactly the same wordpress posts each time. Can One point multiple Wordpress installs to 1 database? A harder way could be export an expert db and posting it to every install. Before Time passes crazy and then try to hack something together, does anybody have advise? -Thanks ahead of time.

If you are by using this to showcase your various styles with example content, you are overcomplicating things. Make use of a theme switcher like that one.

Yes, you are able to. They'd really be various frontends to same after sales.

It ought to be possible generally, however the site's base URL along with other configuration choices are saved within the database, so may possibly not work entirely without problems.

If this sounds like about completely functional blogs in production use, I'd be cautious carrying this out. Better possess a master database and copy the posts after that. Whether it's for demo reasons only, though, it ought to be fine.