Very first time working together on the large project: I might be in over my mind.

All of the links on the website broke after i attempt to run the code on my small local machine.

/localhost/dir/file have to become /localhost/appname/html/dir/file

I transformed APPPATH, SYSPATH &tc to mirror the dir change &lifier that works now, however the html/css/js links are damaged still. I believe I have to change .htaccess &lifier mod_rewrite to prepend appname/html/ towards the links, but possibly not?

edit: I could get a few of the links working while using html <base> tag, those still no longer working appear to become produced using Kohana classes, so I am speculating there's a flexible somewhere I still have to change.

I believe the right factor to complete is always to use url::base() to create the hyperlinks. That will result in the application more resilient to changes. But considering that you are focusing on existing code, using mod_rewrite is really a practical approach, nothing wrong with this.

I first got it to operate with the addition of this JS towards the ready function:

$( "[href]" ).attr("href",function(){ return "http://kohana/index.php" + $( this ).attr( "href" ); });

Terrible, I understand. If anybody includes a better solution I'll be glad.