Just convinced that a relational db by having an ORM is in lots of ways much like an item oriented database. My experience lies exclusively with RDMS having a hint of ORM, therefore it appears in my experience that object oriented databases are extremely similar but with no experience I can not say without a doubt.

For those who have used object oriented databases and ORMs are you able to do a comparison? Do you know the flaws associcated with object oriented databases in comparison to RBMS+ORM?

Do you know the flaws connected with object oriented databases in comparison to RBMS+ORM?

The greatest weakness may be the insufficient standardization: no standard API, no standard query language (the OQL attempt is a large failure) and therefore the possible lack of portability and interoperable tools (for backup, archiving, migration, etc). You wouldn't want that after it involves data.

This describes IMO why OODBMS really are a failure from an adoption perspective and why RDBMS will remain around for some time, no matter the NoSQL movement (I've the sensation that OODBMS suppliers begin to see the NoSQL movement being an chance for any return after a little rebranding of the items).

Chris Date concurs:

... 'object/relational' system would be anything nor under a genuine relational system ... An effective object/relational system is simply a relational system with proper type support ... which means it is a proper relational system, forget about and believe it or not.

SQL and Relational Theory: Crafting Accurate SQL Code, p 36