I am using HTTP Fundamental Authentication with AJAX demands. Opera 3 is really a whiner and try to shows a dialog box for unsuccessful qualifications -- despite the fact that I'm not going one.

This question summarizes a few of the browser and JS issues you will find it's conflicting around the client side. Fortunately, I've a minimum of some freedom to alter the server -- I'm able to modify my .htaccess file.

Essentially, whenever Opera sees the WWW-Authenticate header, it attempts to authenticate again. Can One suppress that header only for AJAX demands by modifying my .htaccess file? If that's the case, how? I'm able to pass a custom header during my XHR request if required.

This is what it appears like presently:

AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /www/private/.htpasswd
AuthName "Private Collection"
require valid-user

I faced an identical problem which i solved via a proxy designed in nodejs. Possibly it will help you: Write proxy/wrapper class for own service in jersey