However , I'm not able to obtain Joomla to produce the Mysql database. It's stating that I might not have enough permissions to produce a new database. I understand how to produce a database on the typical hosting company server, although not locating the same set on the FastStack desktop implementation. Joomla wants me to create the database, but how do you do this? I suspect the Faststack is placed-up simply to support Sugar and isn't expanding to include more databases. By which situation, I will have to deploy a complete version of Mysql on my small desktop? And perhaps a complete version of Apache? Or possibly better to locate a FastStack implementation of Joomla, too?

How to achieve that, if that's the case? THANKS!

What mysql account are you currently using whenever you setup the mysql within the install application? If you are using the main user you ought to have full permissions. You might only use the database that's already there. All Joomla tables possess a prefix of jos_ so shouldn't cause conflict with sugar tables.