I do not think you could do, however it never affects to request.

Can there be in whatever way that i can host personal files (or folder) on another person's domain (using their permission, obviously)? For instance, if their website is located at world wide web.example.com, I must host personal files at world wide web.example.com/foo.html, or perhaps a folder at world wide web.example.com/foo/, or even the like. I simply need to have the ability to make changes when needed to some single file.

We can not make use of a redirect or anything like this - the objective of this really is to let me control a document loaded within an <iframe> on the site, but for the JavaScript for the reason that <iframe> to possess access (i.e., no security limitations) to its parent page - that is only permitted when the domain names match. Their website does not alter the document.domain property to unwind the safety limitations, nor are we able to request these phones begin using that approach (this is an enormous site).

I additionally can't generate an <iframe> and make its document exclusively using JavaScript - we have done that previously, also it will get round the security limitations (the produced <iframe> is incorporated in the same domain since it's parent page), however it causes other conditions and difficulties that equal to an offer-breaker within this situation.

Please tell me for those who have what other suggestions, or if you want anymore details about just what I am attempting to do.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any help!

I really hope I am understanding this properly. Because you get their permission to host personal files on the site, are you able to don't use anything but FTP? They are able to set you as much as only have the ability to drop files in a single directory on the site, and you will edit the file there.

Provide embed code towards the other party to load remote javascript file for their page. You might then generate content or information gathering. Because the javascript file is located in your corner, it's beneath your control. A Customer Counter is really a similar situation.

You can create a php script that loads it's data out of your website. this will work really:

<?php echo file_get_contents("http://world wide web.yoursite.com/yourfile.html") ?>

Edit: You may have the ability to do exactly the same with javascript, but i'm not sure the code for this... Sorry. :-/

Seems like your friend can setup a reverse proxy rule on the web server for the file. http://httpd.apache.org/paperwork/2./mod/mod_proxy.html