This a real question concerning the publish-acquistion certification around MySQL.

My opportunity, the industry commercial software and services company, is thinking about hosting your blog site on our domain for marketing reasons. Our first option is WordPress which suggests a MySQL after sales. My question for you personally is, like a commercial company, are we able to host our very own demonstration of WordPress backed by MySQL Community Edition that is GPL licensed. Here are a few points which might clarify the problem...

  1. We're an industrial company.
  2. The blogs is going to be deliver to free and we'll gain no direct revenue from their store.
  3. We are hosting the WordPress/MySQL instance on our website, instead of simply signing up to some located service.
  4. We've no intends to modify either the WordPress or MySQL code and intend to only use both as they are.

Other staff, don't hesitate to move this to the forum that you simply feel could be appropriate.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any help, Jeremy

Based on the MySQL website:

"OEMs, ISVs and VARs can buy commercial licenses."

In order lengthy when you are not utilizing it for the ISV endeavors you're free of charge the city edition. However, it is advisable to achieve to the MySQL certification team to obtain the most trustworthy answer: