I've a classic website which i designed but still maintain using old ASP which has a membership database (SQL Server) which i constructed from scratch. It's a quite simple database which has all of the user information in a single table (including login info and private info) after which particulars along with other bits and pieces in other tables.

It's WAY activity to upgrade this to .Internet, especially since I have to give a Paypal payment system in it the moment I'm able to. I have designed other sites with membership insInternet, however they have been on your own. Can there be a good way to transition in the old ASP site to a different .Internet membership database without losing the information? You will find 100s of customers with 1000's of records relevant to individuals customers that I'd rather not lose, if at all possible.

Any applying for grants a comparatively painless method of doing this?

Seems like a discomfort, to be certain. I suppose I'd begin by writing sights around the existing tables that will have a similar posts and data types because the target tables (aspnet_Customers, aspnet_membership, etc.). Items that does not fall under that structure will most likely have to end up in the profile table OR persist inside a secondary table(s) having a FK to the aspnet_Customers table. I am not really a large fan from the Profile system.

Unless of course you simply lucked out, and also the old system also utilizes a GUID because the PK, which will most likely function as the real discomfort - getting all your other FK's converted. You most likely will not get too deep in to the problem before it might be tough to get it done in pure SQL, and so i would resign myself to writing perhaps a lightweight console application that utilizes the native Membership stuff.

Best of luck, and HTH.