I am assembling an internet site that required to include some register and blogging capacity. Wordpress appears to become a perfect fit for your area of the application, so I have began experimentation by using it. I see lots of lessons on creating custom styles and so i pricier that to become a problem.

What I am unable to determine is exactly what related to the relaxation of my website. I'll produce other non-blogging related php pages which will access a database, etc. that wordpress includes a capacity for generic pages of static content, however these will have to be coded PHP pages. I simply can't discover a way of getting the wordpress theme affect other php pages outdoors of wordpress. I had been wishing of just doing something similar to

blah blah
blah blah

but I am not necessarily seeing any good examples or documentation how this can be done. Shall We Be Held missing a vital bit of documentation?

EDIT: The reply is to basically copy personal files in the theme, with one crucial addition:

require( dirname(__FILE__) . 'path_to_wp_root/wp-load.php');

That creates the wordpress atmosphere and enables me to call get_header(), get_sidebar(), get_footer(), etc.

An alternative choice is by using Wordpress because the Content management systems for those content in your site. This really is progressively becoming popular, as Wordpress is very proficient at non-blog-things nowadays.

wordpress has pages inside it. each page might have its very own content and it is own template but still participate the entire wordpress site. i am talking about it'll share the header and also the footer if you would like and can share the css and javascript that you simply use in both. for more information on pages and pages templates

List of positive actions is develop your other non-blogging related php pages like a wordpress wordpress plugin. You will find lots of references online regarding how to do that, for instance:

I believe what you want to complete is include wordpress-load.php towards the top of your php file. This provides you with use of all of the wordpress functions (wordpress-header(), wordpress-footer(), etc).

Generally, "yes".

A properly-designed WordPress theme uses mostly CSS/Stylesheets for display, and you're simply correct inside your presumptions: Examine the "Codex" about Theme Design / Template Design (http://codex.wordpress.org/Stepping_Into_Templates).

Basically you can base your design on a few of the current theme files, but omit "the loop".