I'm running ubuntu 10.10 and windows xp inside a emulator (aqemu ). My router and all sorts of computer systems on my small network comes with an ip such as this After i run ipconfig during my home windows xp computer I recieve ip: Clearly the pc is not attached to the router, but to my ubuntu box. Can you really run the virtual host therefore it connects towards the my router at and obtain Web connection after that, therefore the home windows computer functions just like a remote host (on my small local network).

In aqemu I've one network card to select from. I'm able to choose connection mode: Use the user mode network stack (things i have selected now), open a TUN/TAP interface, Use an already open TUN/TAP interface, open a listening TCP socket, use an already open tcp socket, connect to a listing tcp socket,create shared VLAN via UDP multicast socket, use an already open UDP multicast socket

I additionally have a similar situation after i operate a virtual machin with virtualBox. here' can choose: NAT, Bridged adapter, internal network or host-only adapter

I'm also able to need to key in ip, mac address, vlan and port options deepening on my small selection in the above list.