I'm a Web design and then try to use apple ipad 2. Please let me know know may I install: Apache, PHP, MySql on iPad ? or install XMAPP/MAMP Professional on apple ipad 2 ?

Otherwise, which table can perform that (not Home windows OS) ?

Thanks a lot !

To complete web developtment,its not necessary to set up individuals tools with an iPad. You are able to develop anything you want on the seperate developtment (say linux) atmosphere and access that while using internet browser in iPad.

You are able to code around the iPad, however i couldn't find any dev server directly built-in an application (so far as I recall, like applications that may run code directly inside the iPad aren't permitted around the iPad). Most code editors offer an FTP or webdav client, but nothing autonomous.

I'm not sure android in addition to iOS, but projects exist, like that one :


Perhaps you should provide a look.

Hope that can help !


1) You should use various text editing tools to create your code with an iPad. Then sync it together with your test server.

2) There isn't any such miracle packages like XAMPP for iPad that enables you to easily install your usual PHP/MySQL Apache Light miracle easily. Someone has yet to create an application that enables you to operate a PHP-parsing server in your iPad, although a lot of app's provide local web server's for photo discussing and the like usage on iDevice's.

3) You may also program and "compile around the cloud" around the iPad. The emphasis is around the cloud, however the plus is you can execute and test out your PHP script's directly on your iPad (though you'll need Wi-fi compatability or 3rd generation). You are able to write your personal application and hang your own server for your, or use one of many existing iPad app's which do this.

4) For those who have remote use of your primary coding machine with all of that installed, you may also make use of your iPad to remote access the equipment. Bear in mind this may have the typical virtual terminal lag.

Some helpful links:





I additionally desired to perform the same because the iPad was ideal for portability but didn't find a great deal available. Apart from things i list below

Web Server: The only real possible local server that I have seen to date is http://www.lighttpd.net/ but requires jail breaking your iPad.

Code Editor Textastic http://www.textasticapp.com/ is excellent. It's support for DropBox and FTP as well as some fundamental page previewing. However, it's really no where near to a complete blown IDE like Eclipse. But it is certainly ideal for fundamental updates.