does anybody determine if you can do this? I'm able to find Home windows Server 2003 although not 2008.

I just read you may create your personal EC2 Virtual machines, however i haven't found any articles that say this can be done with Home windows Server 2008.

I am really after IIS7, but I'd also plan to use SQL Server Express 2008 until such time when i can also add support for SimpleDB or possibly turn on a seperate SQL Server instance.

I additionally possess some Home windows Services which run. Which puts hosting that is shared the window mostly. Yes there's Azure however i believe that would involve more effort than I wish to spend initially.

Any help much appreciated,

My current stack is

Home windows Server 2008 IIS7 .Internet 3.5 SP1 Asp.internet MVC Some Home windows Services Linq2Sql SQL Server Express 2008

Amazon . com EC2 doesn't presently support any Home windows besides Home windows 2003.

Now you can!

Amazon . com revealed Home windows Server 2008 availability in december 2009 and you will find pre-build AMIs ready to be used either without or with Sql Server 2008.

See their Home windows information page for more information about prices and the like. The Home windows &lifier .Internet Developer Center is another helpful resource.

Perhaps you have attempted's cloud?

You actually can!

Using either QEmu or VirtualBox on the top of the bare-bone linux server

for the QEmu option begin here. Guides for VirtualBox can be found everywhere, simply Google on their behalf