an extremely noob question. Can One operate a .jar file on Tomcat. I'm not creating a web-application. I must operate a .jar with say HalloWorld inside it. Is possible/appropriate.


You are able to operate a Java archive without Tomcat, simply having a Java Runtime Atmosphere:

$ java -jar myhelloworldapp.jar

Tomcat is really a servlet container, only required for web programs.

I do not fully realize what your use situation is, but that which you most likely require is a vps (VPS) provider. They provide you with an online host which runs OS of your liking and you will install JVM onto it. You will find many VPS' available. Try Linode or Slicehost.

It might help should you explain what you're attempting to achieve, only then do we might have the ability to provide you with a better answer.

I believe what you need is Java's webstart

It may sound like want for you to do is deploy batch code for your server after which run it. You can either produce a new web-application that consists of your jar, or add the jar for an existing web application. You'll be able to trigger execution having a servlet. You can actually have a JSP that consists of:


  String [] args = new String[]



Obviously you would secure that JSP to ensure that not only anybody can run your work.

We make use of the quarta movement scheduler to schedule batch jobs from inside tomcat. This let us us monitor our jobs a lot more easily than when they were run in the command line.

http://world wide web.quarta