You will find there's RedHat box with Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL 5 for a lot of our development. Now, you will find there's Rails client, and we have to setup a Rails application on a single server. Are we able to install Ruby and also the Rails framework with similar Apache, or should we avoid this? Why or Why don't you? Can you really direct subdomains either to PHP or Ruby within the individual V-host definitions?

You will can run Rails applications behind an Apache web server. Take a look at Passenger, a user friendly Apache module with advanced features to operate Rails (along with other Ruby-based) web programs.

Company, you simply setup an online host for the Rails application. Take a look at These 2 posts if you want help carrying this out: the beginning and part two.

Yes, you are able to configure your virtual hosts to Rails, PHP, or other things using the proper configuration. The particulars depend largely how you're hooking up to Rails, but generally nevertheless, you would configure just one purpose Apache server should work with the virtual hosts.

Yeah - Install passenger, you'll be able to configure your sites using your apache conf files. The passenger paperwork contain everything you will need to know!