Application A is designed in Python 2.5 with Django and operates on an Apache server via mod_wsgi.
Application B is designed in Python 2.7 and that i would like it to run side-by-side on a single server.

I'd rather not update Application A to make use of 2.7, or change Application B to make use of 2.5.

The question:

Can One run two Django applications with two separate Python runtimes side-by-side on a single Apache server?
Basically can, how do you set this up?

This atmosphere the hell from me because WSGI documentation provides a Python “home” setting while this document states mod_wsgi needs to be put together for any specific version of Python:

Observe that the version of Python that this baseline atmosphere is produced should be exactly the same version of Python that mod_wsgi was put together for. It's not easy to mix conditions according to different major/minor versions of Python.

Will it mean I can not have 2.5 and a pair of.7 Django applications running alongside?

Correct, you 'can't have 2.5 and a pair of.7 Django applications running side by side'. It's not possible. The very best you should do is have programs running in various virtual conditions but where all virtual conditions are for the similar Python version as mod_wsgi was put together for.