I must learn how to setup the next domain names, websites and IP addresses for an additional scenario:

User types world wide web.mysite.com which resolves to world wide web.mysite.com that we can perform with no problems to host A

On the website on host A, a person then clicks a hyperlink to merchants.mysite.com which resolves to merchants.mysite.com on host B and all sorts of pages under this URL should indicate the exact same thing.

Wouldso would Time passes about setting this up? Could it be even possible?

The main reason I do is the fact that I wish to host your blog with one host (host A within the example above) and also the core website with another host (host B within the example above) however i would like it to seem like one website (mysite.com)

Yes this really is easily accomplished through the dns configurations for the domain.

You should know the IPAddress or domain reputation for the various hosts. After that you can setup a CNAME record for that subdomain and point it towards the coresponding target host


*.mysite.com -> An Archive -> host A

merchants.mysite.com -> CNAME -> host B

This really is absolutely achievable. Subdomains (for example merchants.mysite.com) can resolve to another Ip compared to primary site. Actually, I have used this feature before to create a subdomain of my website redirect to my PC's current Ip.

Whether this feature can be obtained may, however, may rely on who the domain name's registrar is and what configuration options they offer. Some registrars may charge extra for those who have greater than a particular quantity of sub-domain names, others allow limitless amounts.

Another (alebeit inferior and reduced) method to accomplish exactly the same goal is always to use Mod Rewrite to rewrite web addresses so that they visit the other server.