Can there be in whatever way, from the PHP script known as from mod_php with apache, to inform apache to complete an interior redirect with a other file?

I don't want to seeOrneed this file from PHP and spit it, I believe it would be more effective to pass through this off and away to Apache. In my opinion you can do this with mod_perl and I am curious if there's a method to get it done with PHP/mod_php/apache.


virtual() may do what you would like. I am unsure, I have never attempted it.

Observe that include() and require() works if you are just calling HTML or PHP pages, plus be portable with other PHP installations.

I vaguely keep in mind that utilizing a Location header having a local url as doing an interior redirect (for example header("Location: /uri/here.php");, however i can't test drive it here to make certain.

My reading through from the paperwork for header() in PHP signifies that delivering an area: header is definitely an Exterior redirect. I did not read anything inside about internal redirects.

I'd think an easy HTTP redirect would certainly be best, like so: