Does the Joomla framework provide functionality to developers to set up extra time from another extension? I am talking about a complete joomla extension and never extra time to some component (like a wordpress plugin for the component).

The reason would be to create an update tool that inspections versions and updates extensions. It might be particularly handy for controlling multiple websites.

An identical extension may be the Admin Tools component from Akeeba. It may look for updates, and perform the updates on Joomla. It isn't GPL and so i most likely am not permitted to boost their component using the preferred functionality after which utilize it in a commercial sense, but that is for later concern.

Any suggestions or thought directions? =]

To my understanding I do not think they offer the functionality, it is important to be liberated to download files with fopen/curl and copy them everywhere as you would like. Joomla also does not see if in which you copy files is really inside a specific component space.

On GPL and commercial, there's no outcomes of commercial and GPL - you just need to distribute the origin code if you distribute, even when you charge for this or even the access. What this means is everybody lower the chain is free of charge to pass through your code on free of charge.