because of the possible lack of an testing atmosphere I have to determine if the next scenario works:

I've installed the Oracle Data Provider for .Internet version 9.2..4. Being produced I'm going to communicate from the C# application with two Databases, an Oracle 8i and 9i.

Does Oracle 8i support Bind Variables within this scenario?

I am prone to use code like the following:

Thanks ahead of time!

OracleCommand cmd = con.CreateCommand();

  OracleTransaction txn = con.BeginTransaction();

  try {
    cmd.CommandText = "update MayJun2009 " +
                      "set balance = balance + :1 " +
                      "where account_id = :2";

      OracleParameter pBalance = new OracleParameter();
    pBalance.OracleDbType = OracleDbType.Int32;
    OracleParameter pAccount = new OracleParameter();
    pAccount.OracleDbType = OracleDbType.Int32;


    pBalance.Value = -500;
    pAccount.Value = 1;


    pBalance.Value = 500;
    pAccount.Value = 2;


  catch (OracleException ex) {

Yes, that example ought to be using bind variables, should not matter whether it's Oracle 8 or 9i. You can perform a database trace to ensure for several. Another illustration of binds for C# is here now:

Building an Oracle Data Provider for .NET Application

Supplying the application is applying a 9iR2 client or greater, which seems to be real inside your situation, you are able to link with Oracle8i (or even straight Oracle8) databases.