I am new in wordpress. I wish to make a website to show my product stocks. An I wish to use wordpress to keep this content from the website.

I'm wondering can there be in whatever way of utilizing my very own PHP scripts to gain access to my 'product database' information within from Wordpress and display them. Bascially, wordpress uses it's own database for text contents and my database to show product information.

Any help could be greatly appreciated.



p.s. I want two separate product databases because, I'm going to be while using product database to keep the availability chain and clients will log to the system (that won't use wordpress) to check on prices, quantity and put orders (but no transaction). Among the finest to make use of wordpress to show company profile, what it really does and something page will let customers to browse available product but no trolley or transaction at this time.

You can include arbitrary PHP code inside your templates. I'd recommend utilizing a category or page specific template to incorporate your products database when needed.

Here are a few methods for you to integrate together with your product database:

1 - As pointed out above you can include arbitrary PHP code inside your templates. Including getting another DB link with your products database.

2 - If Wordpress is just there for product display reasons, you may create table(s) within the same DB as Wordpress and also have a job to synch the brand new table(s) and also the primary items table(s). After that you can make use of the $wpdb resist query the DB. You don't need to produce a second DB connection. Actually, you can find away without needing to create tables whatsoever. that you can do periodic card inserts/update within the tables Wordpress ways to use the media library.

I would like to hear what solution you finish up using. I am sure you will see other people who can lead for this thread.