A comment from .Internet Hosting (Flexible Medium Trust) states.

Godaddy is medium trust, meaning u can't use things like IL emit(Nhibernate needs this for proxying)

Could it be true? Can there be anybody using NHibernate on GoDaddy?

You will find many questions already on SO coping with NHibernate + medium trust:

Main point here: make use of a compile-time proxy generator.

I've effectively run Nhibernate 2.1 and today 3 inside a medium trust atmosphere. The only real factor I needed to do for NH3 ended up being to download Castle source and customize the CommonAssemblyInfo.cs file to ensure that Partly reliable phone callers is enabled.

You will have to reference the put together castle dll's into NHibernates source and rebuild. You are able to reference all of the put together dll's to your project and viola.

[set up: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers()]

Anything else is effective including proxies.

Additional -> it ought to be noted which i run this on Rackspace Cloud Medium trust levels and this is not on Go Dad however i suspect/hope that it ought to be exactly the same!