suppose i've my very own servers for my website and i wish to create a site that may convert .doc documents to pdf (case a good example.i wish to do a number of other things).i've got a doc to pdf ripper tools software placed on the server .can one use php to create a site that receives anyone's input file , transmits the file towards the software and receives the output pdf that is finally delivered to the consumer to download. can one do that? if so then how?

if you can do this then can one also get it done using a website hosting company rather than my very own servers?

Yes. This can be done via PHP's professional() function. What you are permitted to complete will rely on the server you are running PHP on. Also, be cautious by what you execute. )

Essentially, yes.

Probably the most straightforward strategy is using among the program execution functions like professional(). Individuals are most likely what you would like. You will find also more specialized, more rarely used ways here.

Whether your webhost enables performing programs is really a different matter - they have these characteristics blocked for security reasons, since you usually share a server with lots of other internet sites. You will need to request your provider to make certain.