I'm attempting to clone a repo and run it on my small local machine. I do not possess a DB produced and i'm attempting to by hand create my database.yml file (my very first time carrying this out). I'm less than sure what i am doing and getting errors about hooking up towards the MySql server. Here's my database.yml file:

  adapter: mysql
  database: db/app_development
  username: root

I additionally attempted localhost rather than 127...1, both produce errors when attempting to produce the db by doing 'bundle professional rake db:create' ...i recieve this error:

Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (61)
Couldn't create database for {"username"=>"root", "adapter"=>"mysql", "database"=>"db/app_development", "host"=>"", "password"=>nil}, charset: utf8, collation: utf8_unicode_ci

I understand i am doing a problem however i can't quite determine what it's. Should i start the mysql server or something like that?

This is actually the output after i run mysqld_safe:

120111 20:35:39 mysqld_safe Logging to '/usr/local/var/mysql/Matthew-Bermans-MacBook-Air.local.err'.
120111 20:35:39 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /usr/local/var/mysql
120111 20:35:41 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /usr/local/var/mysql/Matthew-Bermans-MacBook-Air.local.pid ended


  adapter: mysql
  database: app_development
  username: root
  socket: /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

Then do your rake db:create to produce it from rails.
in mysql do create database db_name
and so the above code for :development enables you to utilize it.

Update: Matthew first must get mySQL placed on his (Mac) machine.
I directed him to http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/

To begin with, try performing the next to see if you've got a link with mysql from command prompt (without Ruby on Rails).

mysql -u root

If cannot hook you up most likely specified and password. You will have to either remember it or re-install MySQL. If you're able to, then make your database:

create database app_development;

Last but no minimal, remove prefix 'db/' from database.yml. You do not need a complete path:

database: app_development

Hope that can help!

Clearly mention your port: 3306 inside your database.yml

In the event that does not work then performed

netstat -tupln

and appearance if MySQL is hearing port 3306 or otherwise

If you do not mind what database software you utilize (I do not think you specified whether you possessed MySQL or simply wanted to obtain the repo to operate), you could try using SQLite3 rather. SQLite3 does not operate a server or use ports, so it may be simpler to get setup.

Try emulating the rails default database.yml, which appears like:

# SQLite version 3.x
#   gem install sqlite3
#   Ensure the SQLite 3 gem is defined in your Gemfile
#   gem 'sqlite3'
  adapter: sqlite3
  database: db/development.sqlite3
  pool: 5
  timeout: 5000

Adding gem 'sqlite3' for your Gemfile and run bundle install

Hope this can help!