I'm while using Over Easy Wootheme on the wordpress site that has jCarousel incorporated.

Now I want a small text content slider on the different area of the side however they all look damaged on the website itself. I attempted a few different styles (SmoothSlider, SlideDeck). All of them looked great around the preview in wordpress-admin but will not work on the website. And So I guess it is a jQuery problem in some way?

Please discover for yourself: http://med2heal.com/sliders/

I already attempted getting rid of the jQuery call in the mind but did not really make a difference.

Interesting help!

I believe you may want to wrap your jQuery call to that particular wordpress plugin inside a document.ready() handler. The console is tossing a mistake that the call doesn't have method available that might mean that it's calling the slider prior to the js has an opportunity to load.

jQuery(document).ready(function() known as.

 jQuery('#featured_slider ul').cycle(forex: 'scrollLeft',

        prev: '.task_prev',

        next: '.task_next',

        speed:  800,

        timeout: 3000,

        pager:  null