I've got a cloudaccess site on Joomla. I must have the ability to work on the website in your area. I have downloaded the files and also the database and think I assemble them properly. I am using xampp and that i place the site files right into a folder under htdocs. I made use of phpmyadmin to import the sql file. I made some changes to configuration.php to have it for connecting to my database. After I attempt to go to the site I recieve this error:

Fatal error: Permitted memory size 536870912 bytes exhausted (attempted to allocate 32 bytes) in C:xampphtdocsmysitelibrariesjoomlaerrorexception.php online 117

My php memory_limit is 512MB as well as for a little couple of page joomla site, there is no reason why I am by using this much memory.

I have discovered that the issue happens here:

$menu  =& JSite::getMenu(true);

when getMenu is known as, basically put an echo statement within this function in JMenu:

function &getInstance($client, $options = array())

it will get printed again and again making me think in some way an infinite loop is going on but I am unsure why...

Which version of joomla would you use?

I just read something relating to this error showing up by utilizing specific styles. Attempt to un-install styles in order to make use of the standard theme. Will it now work? Whether it works the mistake should be within the theme. So evaluate it. Otherwise publish it here -)

It simply like magic began working. It had something related to the mod_rewrite setting however i can't prove it...