Getting issues while using PHP memcached class.

I'm managing a Light atmosphere on Ubuntu 10.10 with Apache 2.2.16 and PHP 5.3.3. I've just installed things i thought was memcached, but appears possibly to become memcache?

I'm able to begin a new memcache object with:

$m = new Memcache;

Which works fine. However when I attempt and begin a memcached object

$m = new Memcached();

I recieve the next error

Fatal error: Class 'Memcached' not found

After I run 'ps -A grep Memcache' with the console, it returns

ben@ben-computer:/tmp$ ps -A | grep memcache
1214 ?        00:00:00 memcached

Showing a running memcached process. phpinfo() returns memcache version 5.2.6.

However when I look further into etc folder

ben@ben-computer:/etc/default$ cat memcached 
# Set this to no to disable memcached.

When i run php -m it returns memcache.

You type of obtain the picture, i've no clue why memcache is running rather than memcached, any help could be great.


It happens to be an problem with libmemcached. I installed the libmemcached-dev package, although not confident that this is the same?

Memcache = title of sophistication
Memcached = title of daemon that runs class

Similarly, cron and crond, mysql and mysqld.

You will find two different PHP classes which you can use. I suggest memcached over memcache since it is more recent and supports more features.

The memcached extension isn't a standard element of PHP, and should be installed individually from PECL. Instructions are online at: