This is a component of a Unix system I do not have immediate access to, but could get insight on to take a seat having a network team.

The issue is this, I've 3 folders I want use of, read. The issue is, I only get access to 1 of these, and just read. This really is via ColdFusion, I'm able to enter into them fine using the user they're designated to (and also the CF server operates on, the "www" user).

I'm Able To read towards the temporary file directory, the area files are saved before they're gone to live in the destination directory (SERVER-INF/ and so forth etc), but that is not useful. I've attempted getting the network people set the permissions for that other folders towards the same factor, however with no results. The present configurations from the folder I'm able to access are rwxrws--- and also the other folders are rwxrwxr-x, and so i must have more permissions ( the "s" isn't a mistake within the first folder).

We've attempted setting another folders to 777 and that we didn't even get read capacity. Does the server have to be restarted on the Unix box after setting new permissions for ColdFusion to have the ability to reach them? I am from ideas at this time, I'll take any new suggestions.


All using ColdFusion

temp directory - can read to

folder 1 - can see from (including subdirectories) folder 2 - cannot read or email (permission refused) folder 3 - cannot read or email (permission refused)

Goal: Get upload functionality working.

Edit: Server using apache

Only a random guess... Perhaps you have checked that pathways you are attempting to gain access to are fully correct? They must be absolute for file procedures, and www user should have X permissions around the all path sites -- to go in them.

The issue wound up as being a restart was needed after setting the brand new folder permissions. We did not think this was a problem on the Unix box, however ColdFusion apparently did. This labored.