There exists a Django application running on apache server (mod_python) on the home windows machine which must call some r scripts. To do this it might be simplest to call r through os.system, however, if django reaches the os.system command it freezes up. I have also attempted subprocess with similar result.

There exists a possibly related problem for the reason that Django are only able to access the file system from the machine it's on, all network drives seem to be invisible into it, that is VERY frustrating.

Any applying for grants these two issues (I am presuming it is the same limitation both in instances) could be most appreciated.

Rather than os.system, would RPy2 suit your needs? I have tried on the extender inside a similar situation towards the one you are explaining with Django, and it is labored very well.

Our prime-level interface in rpy2 is made to facilitate using R by Python developers. R objects are uncovered as cases of Python-implemented classes, with R functions as bound techniques to individuals objects in many cases.