Ip A (www.domain.tld) having a mysql database along with a django installation is serving my webapp. things are working fine.

Ip B (ww1.domain.tld) connects towards the database of Ip A. and there's an problem.

  • you can connect with the BD using mysql-client (read/write) things are ok.
  • media are shipped not surprisingly
  • even the content is going to be read through the django application
  • when i am developing a new user account, the consumer is going to be produced

BUT, you cannot sign in!!

i suppose there's an problem using the session.

who are able to i debug this, what could trigger this behavior.

thank you for all hints and support ahead of time.


Are you currently signing in on www.domain.tld however being able to access the website via ww1.domain.tld? It might be something related to the SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN -- try setting SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN = ".domain.tld" inside your server-specific configurations.