I'm attempting to grab a mention of the images with src's in URI plan. A good example will be the images on the internet.orgOrinformation.

basically alert(escape(saveObj.image)) I recieve something similar to below:


I pass that in the js file and am using django to obtain that right into a mysql table of type utf8_unicode_ci using modelform.save, however when i examine what's within the database, I see:


The important thing difference is the fact that during my database all the '+' figures in the original happen to be removed and changed with spaces. Any ideas? I am going blind attempting to figure this out! :P

The only real javascript I'm performing around the src before passing along to webservice via xmlhttprequest (Publish, webservice, TRUE) is:

escape(image) where image = src of a google news image.

However , Django URLFields are instantly passed onto the urlsplit method which removes that since a + does mean space in web addresses.

As you can tell here, the validation from the URLField instantly performs this. So that you can either make use of a CharField rather or produce a custom URLField such as this:

class CustomURLField(forms.URLField):
    def to_python(self, value):
        return value

Do observe that it will not instantly add http any longer should you choose that.

Since + inside a URL means space, the spaces are fine, just as long as you scribe the URL again before you decide to query the server for this. It appears like it is also getting rid of the trailing slash.