I am attempting to sync three scripts together to obtain mix domain profile editing working. The scripts are WordPress, BuddyPress, &lifier JamRoom.

The code I am using visit the test domain, obtain the profile's information from the php call that returns JSON, and so the JSON could be pressed towards the WordPress/BuddyPress database.

The only issue is the fact that I am a front-end developer putting on a backend's hat, so I am learning when i go.

How do i determine when the user_id already has records under area_id (value 1 &lifier 2) which have completed values? And when that is available, simply update the records. Whether it does not exist, simply create them.

Code I am dealing with http://pastie.org/private/zivzakqyhzcbn3wkdfa6w

Posts I am dealing with


1,1,1,"admin","2011-03-07 00:35:52" 9,1,2,"YouRock","2011-03-07 01:11:32"

Presuming that id is essential, make use of a ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE-statement