Can the apple iphone use other databases besides SQLite, like MySQL?

The apple iphone are only able to use SQLite like a database, on the unit. What this means is there's no MySQL server within the apple iphone. However, you can, and therefore are liberated to have (your personal) MySQL Back-finish server, that apple iphone programs connect with. But Apple does not supply the server, so you spend the constant maintenance costs

Not the case anymore!

The Raima RDM Embedded database SDK will even focus on the apple iphone. It's awesome since it props up network and relational models, and you will do such things as getting direct pointers to records for faster access.

They've the official port coming, however their version for Mac works within the apple iphone Simulator.

SQLite is a component of all apple iphones. Theoretically, you are able to run other databases consider you can't start other processes, you can't run MySQL -- MySQL takes a separate process (the mysqld daemon).