Let me switch on MySQL's general query log for any single database only. Automatically, it records all claims delivered to all databases, leading to huge log files on servers with lots of databases.

Can you really only record claims sent to particular database?

The overall query log is really a global log of queries performed on the given server, so it's difficult make it possible for or disable it for any specific schema.

There's a flexible known as [cde] that hinders general query logging for any specific connection, which maybe helpful for you personally if you're able to isolate specific connections which use the schema that you wish to enable/disable the overall query log:


Observe that this only works best for customers with SUPER privilege, so it might not be helpful for you personally.

General totally enabled by LOG option, it's a global variable, which means you cannot place it for just one database. But log size could be decreased disable logging for that server within the ini-file and when it's possible - enable it using SET command inside your scripts (only when it's needed).